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Open Data Gov Jam: Online Workshops

Mar 9 at 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Join us to learn about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in the context of NYC Open Data!

This virtual event will feature presentations and workshops by leaders of the Governauts community, researchers who explore questions, problems, and solutions that involve blockchain technology. Follow @GovernanceDAO on Twitter for updates 🙂

Guiding Research → “Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) as Data Trusts: A general-purpose data governance framework for decentralised data ownership, storage, and utilisation” – Kelsie Nabben

NEAR York City DAO invites you to experiment with DAOs!

This event aims to increase understanding and provide useful examples for exploring polycentric governance of citizen-generated public data. Let’s dive into examples of DAOs facilitating coordination around shared goals with meaningful accountability.


We hope you will join us 3-5pm on Zoom and / or at the Blockchain Center (2307 Broadway) from 5-9 pm.

3-5pm | Online Workshops via Zoom

Following an introduction from James Waugh of NEAR Foundation, Renzo D’Andrea of the Governauts research initiative will record an online workshop introducing a template / canvas for Data DAOs. Then, Robin Lehman of DataUnion + Richard Blythman of Algovera will share from experience in the Ocean Protocol ecosystem.

3-4pm ~ Governauts Research DAO

  • introducing the Open Data Governance Challenge

3-4pm ~ Ocean Protocol Ecosystem

  • sharing from experience within Data DAOs

Open Data Governance Challenge

March 9 and Beyond

What Works in Open Data Challenges” — ODI

Question ~ For the thousands of projects in the NYC Open Data Portal or the Civic Tech Field Guide, where is the data stored and utilized? How might we improve open data governance with DAOs?

Prompt ~ Design, create, and pitch an experimental open data DAO using the canvas introduced in our Governauts workshop.

Be sure to consider all the great features on Astro!

Rewards will be distributed via this Data DAO. Feel free to submit a proposal whenever.

Here are some datasets related to governance in the context of NYC Open Data:


  1. improve government
  2. empower citizens
  3. create opportunities
  4. solve public problems

“Explore additional programs and processes to surface needs, questions and demands from New Yorkers, to then influence future data releases… A formalized pathway for hosting non-governmental datasets is part of the 10 year strategic plan for NYC Open Data.”

Stefaan Verhulst

Overall, the purpose is to increase understanding of how NYC might use blockchain / DAOs for advancing open data.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the online workshops!

Also, you might join us in person 5-9pm at the Blockchain Center (2307 Broadway). See other “Open Data Gov Jam” event on the Open Data Week calendar. There will be a happy hour 5-6pm, additional presentations / workshops 6-7pm, hackathon-style collaborations 7-8pm, and networking 8-9pm.



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Mar 9
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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