Citi Map: Create Your Own Data Maps

Urban data collection tools can take many forms, from clickers & click boards to AI-enabled sensing devices. Each of these options present trade-offs between efficiency, accessibility, and privacy. Citi Map offers an open source, privacy-preserving digital tool for personal data collection that can be used while moving about a city. The goal of the project is to facilitate collecting real-time or time sensitive urban data that can be shared with other NYC residents.

Users choose their urban objects or behaviors of interest to customize the web app for their purposes. As an example, Mask Map is a Citi Map created to collect mask behavior data in NYC. Depending on what they observe around them, users click the emoji representing “mask”, “half-masked”, or “no mask”. This open dataset can be used to visualize how mask behavior has changed over time and across the NYC –

After an introduction to the project and Github repo, workshop participants will have the opportunity to adapt Citi Map for their own projects, through an interactive coding session. Potential projects include: tracking different kinds of trash on the street, blooming cherry blossom trees, or public bench locations. Please log your item of interest ahead of the workshop here –

The event will be lead by Citi Map & Mask Map co-developers Jennifer Ding (Research Application Manager @ The Alan Turing Institute | @jen_gineered) and Marco Berlot (Software Engineer @ IBM | @MarcoBerlot).

Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Collect Local Storefront Accessibility Data Using Crowdsourcing and AI

Storefront accessibility can substantially impact the way people who are blind or have low vision (BLV) travel in urban environments. Entrance localization is one of the biggest challenges to BLV people. Improperly designed staircases and obstructive store decorations can create considerable mobility challenges for BLV people, making it more difficult for them to navigate their community hence reducing their desire to travel. Existing digital map services don’t include such storefront accessibility information.

We’ve developed a web application, DoorFront, to collect large-scale accessibility data of NYC storefronts using crowdsourcing and AI (Machine Learning) approach. DoorFront enables volunteers to validate the accessibility information labeled by AI right in their homes. We’ll invite anyone who is interested in volunteering their time to helping the visually impaired participate in this Mapathon. We will offer incentives to 3 volunteers who have completed the most work.


  • Visit to begin!
  • The Mapathon starts at 3pm on 3/12 and ends at 3pm on 3/19. The three volunteers who have completed the most work will receive the following awards. Query image and Validation receive the same scores. Scores are based off of quality and accuracy.
  • The results will be announced on the app website (leaderboard) and the volunteers will also receive email notifications by 3/23.
  • Leaderboard shows the real-time scores, however our team will review the quality and accuracy of the work after the competition ends.
  • Make sure to sign up your account with accurate information.


  • 1st  place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd  place: $30 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd  place: $20 Amazon Gift Card

Hike and Map along the Staten Island Greenbelt

The Staten Island Greenbelt is missing trails and features on OpenStreetMap (OSM), a collaborative platform for collecting geographic data and displaying it; the “wiki” of maps. We will be using and sharing a wide range of paper and digital tools to collect data in-person while hiking from St. George’s new NYC Ferry terminal to Great Kills Beach. There will be an optional virtual event beforehand to talk about using OSM, other open data layers, and the trail, and the borough.

No OSM or hiking experience needed, but wear a pair of shoes with good grip. Vaccination and masks required! You may take off your mask when outside hiking.

Event will happen on Saturday, March 12, with Sunday, March 13 being the rain date.

DATA2GO.NYC Scavenger Hunt from Home Winner Announcement

Join Measure of America for the announcement of our DATA2GO.NYC Scavenger Hunt winner. You could win $500 for your favorite non-profit!

Throughout the week, MOA will be sending out challenges on our Twitter page. Challenges will begin on Monday, March 7th, and will require you to use DATA2GO.NYC, our free interactive social science data tool. You must be following us (@MOA_org), and include @MOA_org, the challenge number, and the hashtag #DATA2GO in each submission post on Twitter to qualify. The winner will be selected based on the completion of the most challenges according to their guidelines. The deadline to send in your challenge submissions via Twitter is Friday, March 11th at 10 AM EST.

The winner will be announced during this Zoom event on Friday, March 11th at 12 PM EST. The $500 PRIZE will be in the form of a donation to a nonprofit of your choice. We’ll also be joined by Kristen Lewis, director of MOA, and Laura Laderman, MOA’s chief statistician, who will be showing powerful ways to share and visualize data. Anyone interested is welcome!


Bike Rack-a-thon (Mapping Bicycle Parking)

Join NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), Manhattan Community Board 1, and BetaNYC in validating and adding bicycle parking points in Lower Manhattan!

🚲 🗺 🚲 🗺 🚲 🗺 🚲 🗺

This is a prototyping event! We will use two field mapping tools, FieldPapers and ArcGIS Survey123, to validate the location of NYC’s street furniture data. Ultimately, we want to validate NYC street furniture data on the open data portal. All data points updated by participants will be reflected in OpenStreetMap (OSM).


Together, we will work to identify a shared data literacy / civic engagement process that will validate NYC open data and contribute to OSM.


Join us to:

  • Learn about and try to find all the various bicycle parking in Manhattan Community Board 1.
  • Work in a small group to crowdsource information with digital or physical tools.
  • Contribute to open data validation and to OpenStreetMap!
  • Help us create a repeatable process for all of New York City.


This event will be in person, lunch and training will be provided.

Event will run from 1pm-5pm, rain or shine! Masks and comfortable shoes required!